This blog post and its associated photos were originally published in 2014. Some of the information presented below may no longer be valid.

Many of us strive to be healthier. We change our diets, we change our habits, we change our mindsets, and we change our daily routines just to shed a few pounds and be healthier. In my experience these workout efforts are mainly among the younger of us, trying to stave off growing old, but Tom Beckwith turns this stereotype upside down.

Tom’s story is inspiring because he began CrossFit at the age of 57, proving to us all that you can radically change your body no matter your age. He began by doing push-ups on his knees and being unable to do or at least complete most of the exercises on the CrossFit WOD’s (Workout of the Day). Then, at the age of 61, Tom qualified for the CrossFit 2014 Masters Regionals.

It cannot be overstated the transformation that Tom has undergone, the dedication he has proven, and the perseverance he has championed. My favorite quote from Tom is:

I can do things, now, at 61 that I couldn’t do when I was 21.

Tom Beckwith

It is truly an awe just to watch Tom at CrossFit Rutherford. Seeing him keep up with or even exceed the abilities of fit guys and gals in their 20’s brings tears of joy to my eyes and gives me hope for a healthy future me.

Tom emailed me a story that sums up well his reasons for doing CrossFit:

About the time I started CF, my mom had to go to a nursing home. When I would visit her and tell her about the WODs I was doing, she would say, ‘I’m so afraid you are going to have a heart attack!’ My reply would always be, ‘Mom, I’m more afraid that I’ll end up in here if I don’t do it!’

Tom Beckwith

I really enjoyed filming Tom’s story and learning about his transformation. I’ve even been working out more as a direct result of listening to his heartwarming message. Tom Beckwith is a Tennessean who should inspire all of us to live healthier, no matter our ages, whether that be through CrossFit or some other program. Now, excuse me while I go for a run in the sunshine…

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